Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Zoya Ornate Collection, Swatches and Review!

Hey guys!

I finally have my post for the Zoya Ornate 2012 collection ready! Let's get right to the pictures, because there are quite a few!

First up, Storm, a black scattered holo! Yes! Zoya did holo's! I used two coats here. Oh my goodness, look at how beautiful!

Next, Aurora. Let me tell you that the pictures do this no justice. This is STUNNING! Again, 2 coats.

Next, Ziv. Ziv is a gold foil. Pretty seasonal color; this is 2 coats. 

Logan, a dark green foil-like polish. Again, 2 coats.

Electra over Logan. Electra is a silver holographic bar glitter. This is two coats.

Finally, Blaze.  Blaze is a berry toned creme, with scattered holographic dust. This was the least holographic of the holo polishes in this set, but it's a fabulous color. So squishy and pretty!

Overall, I think this is probably one of my favorite Zoya collections ever. As usual, the formula's were fantastic and I simply adore these types of colors. If there had been a holo blue in here, I would have probably pooed myself!

Yay Zoya!

Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Twin Tuesday with Maria of NailsMadeSimple

Hey guys! Hopefully everyone is doing well after the storms last night! We got some snow, yuck! But I can't complain too much, as I wasn't having to worry about a hurricane! :-/

Today's post is a Polish Twin post with Maria of NailsMadeSimple. I posted a photo on Instagram after I received two of the Color Club Halo Hues and she suggested we be polish twins. Since I love Maria, I said yes :-)

So, this is Color Club Halo-Graphic, of the Halo Hues collection. I used two coats but I probably could have used one if I had been prepared to use one.

I'm gonna start with the Flash picture so YOU CAN SEE ALL OF THE AMAZING!!!!!! 

Natural Light: 

So so pretty! This isn't usually my sort of color but it's nice for a change :-)

Be sure to check out Maria's post to see her awesome beautiful nails!

Talk to you soon!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Orly Smolder with Lush Lacquer Cozy Times

Hey guys! Happy Monday. Ugh. Did anyone do anything fun this weekend? I went to the Detroit Lions game vs the Seattle Seahawks and yay the Lions won!! I bought a foam Claw at the game and I'm pretty sure that was the difference, lol! Anyway, onto today's post!

Today's polish brought to you by: Ulta. Again I say: Why are their shopping bags so big?!

Smolder is from Orly's All Fired Up collection. This red positively GLOWS! I used 2 coats here, perfect application.


On the second day, I chipped up my nails pretty good doing some projects at work but I didn't have time to totally remove and start over with a new manicure. 

I decided to try out one of my new Lush Lacquers, Cozy Times. CT is a mix of brown, gold, copper glitters and it went perfectly with Smolder. 2 coats, no top coat. 

I added an accent finger of Kiko #401 holo. 

What do you think?

Talk to you soon!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Orly Sea Gurl

Hey guys! I have a quick random swatch for you. I am really behind on editing my photos... that definitely needs to happen this week! I don't like to not have a stock pile of draft posts!

Also, don't forget to submit your Guest Posts! I have one so far and I am not going to be starting the feature until I have quite a few so submit submit submit! Click here for the info!

I grabbed this Orly from the clearance bin at Ulta several weeks back. It was one I always picked up and then put back down and didn't purchase, for some reason. But I love it! So I was glad to see it on sale :-)

Sea Gurl is what I call a bronze taupe. Yeah, that's probably not a real thing but it's not plain taupe!

I used 1 lovely coat of Sea Gurl! I used this as a base for a glitter, which I already showed you (Candy Lacquer Opposites Attract). But still! 1 coat! Love it!

What are your thoughts on Sea Gurl?

Talk to you soon!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sephora by OPI It's Real 18K Gold Top Coat

Hey guys! Happy weekend! What are you up to today? It's currently freezing but sunny here. Sigh. I already miss summer, lol!

Today's polish brought to you buy: the mall!

While shopping a while back, I came upon a beauty store in the mall that I didn't even know existed. And they sell Kleancolor! I grabbed several, including this baby: Chunky Holo Scarlet. I layered 2 coats over Wet n Wild Black Creme.

THEN, I saw Instagram posts saying that Sephora's 18K Gold Top coat was on clearance for $8. Since that's cheaper than the regular SOPI polishes, it needed to be mine :-)

 I layered 2 coats of 18K Gold Top coat of Kleancolor Chunky Holo Scarlet.

What do you think? I went back to Sephora a few days later to grab another bottle for a friend and the Sephora lady loved this. She was blown away by the thought of wearing it over black/red. Yay! LOL

Talk to you soon!

Friday, October 26, 2012

OPI Unfor-Greta-bly Blue with Candy Lacquer Movie Night

Hey guys! Happy freaking Friday! YAYY!!!! What are your fun plans for the weekend??

Before I get to my post for today, I wanted to bring up the Guest Post series that I've been tweeting and Instagram-ing about:

I'm going to be featuring a weekly guest post on the blog! I love seeing what other people come up with and it seemed like a fun way to get to know other bloggers and share the love. Now I just have to come up with a snazzy name for this feature, heehee.

There are not specific requests for anyone to do a guest post; the only thing I ask is that it be nail, beauty, or fashion related. If you would like to do a guest post, please email your post to snugglepup09(at)yahoo(dot)com and I will be so happy to get the post! There is no deadline, as this will be a recurring feature so I'll need lots and lots of guest posts! Alright, now onto today's polish!

I have one of the two polishes I bought from the OPI Germany collection for you all today.

Unfor-Greta-bly is a gorgeous cobalt blue cream polish. The application on this was lovely, almost no clean up was needed, which I love super hardcore. This is 2 coats, no top coat. 

I used 2 coats of Candy Lacquer Movie Night on my ring finger. Movie Night is packed with white, black, and blue shaped glitter, including bar glitter. Love it! 


Talk to you soon!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

OPI German-icure by OPI with NOPI A Gold Winter's Knight

Hey guys!

Today's polish is brought to you by: Ulta! This is the second OPI Germany polish I own, German-icure by OPI.

German-icure by OPI is a brown red cream. It was actually perfectly lovely! It looked like it was glowing and warm and toasty and creamy all at the same time. That makes no sense at all, but I hope you get what I mean.


I can't even believe that I'm typing this, but I have a Christmas polish to show you! The Kardashian's have released another collection in collaboration with Nicole by OPI, this time a Christmas themed collection of 6 polishes.

I'm showing 2 coats of A Gold Winter's Night over German-icure by OPI. This is a gold bar glitter with some blue bar glitter thrown in for good measure. 

Whatcha think? I'm not the world's biggest fan of bar glitter but I appreciate it from time to time.

Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Finger Paints Picasso's Puce with Fall of Surprises

Hey guys! I'm not really in the world's greatest mood today so I'll just get right to the pictures.

Today's polish is brought to you by: Clearance Sally Beauty Supply table.

Picasso's Puce is a burgundy cream with coppery shimmer. This was 2 coats.

Then I layered one coat of Fall of Surprises (from the same named collection) over PP. (this was not on clearance, by the way.) FoS is a copper hex glitter with copper microglitter. LOVE! 


Look at all of that yummy glitter!!!

Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sinful Christmas Polishes

Hey guys!

Today's polish brought to you by: Rite-Aid. I was walking through Rite-Aid looking for some sort of polish collection when I came upon a Sinful Christmas display. Several of the polishes were not new but as far as I can tell, these 4 babies are new.

Sinful Winter Wonder is a little bit thin, but I still managed with 2 coats.

 Zoya FeiFei on index and ring, Sinful on middle and pinky.
 Winter Wonder is a tad more blue than FeiFei, but they are definitely very close.

Dazzle is a fuchsia pink shimmer. This is 2 coats. To me, this isn't a very Christmas-y color but I'll take this over oodles and oodles of red :-p 

Faceted is a blue, purple, and gold glitter, bar and micro. 1 coat over Dazzle.

Lastly, Super Star, a blue and purple microgliter in a blue base.  This looks very similar to the NOPI Kendall on the Katwalk polish; I'll have to try to remember to do a comparison!

I used 2 coats here. It was a little thick but with glitter like this, I almost prefer thick to thin.

Phew, Christmas polish already! I gotta say, I am not ready for winter!

Talk to you soon!