Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Time Has Come...

Hey guys!

As you probably know, Google Reader is going away tomorrow. Now, I'm sure you're wondering "But Amanda... HOW WILL I BE ABLE TO READ YOUR SUPER AWESOME BLOG?!" I know, I know.

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Talk to you soon! And See you on Bloglovin'!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Random Glitter Toppings Spam!

Hey guys!

Do you love glitter?!?! Of course you do!! That's why you are here! I have some random glitter spam for you today, so enjoy! 

1 coat of China Glaze Razzle Me Dazzle Me over Zoya Josie. 

1 coat plus some blobs of I Love Nail Polish Sugar Blossom over Zoya Yana.

1 coat I Love Nail Polish Bohemian Peacock over Zoya Maura.

2 coats I Love Nail Polish A Golden Orchid over Zoya Rikki.

What are some of your favorite glitter combinations??

Talk to you soon!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Pure Ice Vinyl Remix - Rock Star

Hey guys! What's new and exciting with you?? We are getting ready for our Diaper Party this weekend. So I'm buying food and trying not to eat all of it, haha! What are you doing for fun?

So this product came out last year but I was never able to find it in any of the stores around me. I had to wait until I saw it in a Traveling Swap Box and snagged it up.

Pure Ice Vinyl Remix is basically a crackle polish, but with a little bit of a twist. You apply a white base coat, let it dry and then apply the topcoat, all of which are black. Once applied over the white magic base coat, the color changes. This one changed to a light blue.

 I know everyone is pretty much over the crackle phenomenon but it has been forever and a day since I wore crackle and I actually really liked this look. Easy nail art FTW!

I did apply a top coat after these photos were taken, to gloss it up a bit.

Talk to you soon!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Essence Thelma with A England Princess Tears

Hey guys!

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I've had some of the Essence twins sitting on my desk FOREVERRRRRRRRRR and just haven't used them yet. I am running out of creme polishes to use under all of my glitters so I finally had to grab one! LOL

This is Thelma, a deep purple creme. I used 2 coats, no top coat.

With Flash:

Then, using a fan brush, I brushed A England Princess Tears over Thelma. Ohhhhh, pretty!

 Simple but fun, right?

Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Essie Better Together

Hey guys!

This is another polish that Arlyn recently sent me. 

Essie Better Together is a sheer pink jelly. I think this is probably the girliest manicure I've ever worn! LOL 

This was 4 coats of Better Together, no top coat. 

Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

China Glaze Fade Into Hue

Hey guys!

This is a polish from the spring China Glaze Avant Garden collection.

Fade Into Hue is a dusty periwinkle creme polish. It reminds me of the lavender flower, or even some lilacs. So pretty!

I used 2 easy coats here, no top coat.

One thing I will mention is that this peeled off in sheets the next day. That was probably my base coat (I'm still trying to find the perfect replacement to Nail Envy) but I thought I would mention it just to be safe :-)

Talk to you soon!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Review: Pretty & Polished Popples & Marilyn

*Products were sent for my honest review*

Hey guys!

Today I have a few pretties from Pretty & Polished to share with you!.

When Chels told me she was sending me Popples to review... I was pretty pumped. Do you guys remember Popples? I had two of them. Actually, I still have two of them somewhere! Mine are very close to the colors in this polish, too! 

Popples is a neon matte glitter polish in a white base. It's a little bit sheer, so I did use a white base coat. This is two coats of Popples over OPI MBSW. The glitter was pretty packed in here and I didn't have to fish around for many of the glitters. I did specifically pull out a few extra large pink hexes. 

The first 2 pictures are without topcoat, the last 2 are with one coat of KBShimmer Clearly On Top. 

 With top coat:

Chels also sent me Marilyn, from the Gentlemen Prefer Blondes series. Marilyn is a cherry red crelly with pink shimmer. This polish was very easy to apply, and it didn't stain. Whoohoo!

Two coats:

Three coats:

Do you guys have either of these polishes? I personally LOVE Popples; it makes me think of my childhood :-) And who doesn't need a sexy red polish in their stash?

Check out Pretty & Polished's website, they are making some changes in the coming weeks and discontinuing some polishes so you'd better grab what you want before it's too late!

Talk to you soon!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Review: Rainbow Honey Summer of 199X Polishes

*Products were sent for my honest review*

Hey guys!

I was sent 3 mini's from the brand spanking new Rainbow Honey Summer of 199X collection that is available for purchase NOW! Whooo!

The Summer of 199X is inspired by the 1995 SNES video game Earthbound. Now... honestly, I have no idea about this video game but I do love these colors! LOL So I will be using Rainbow Honey's descriptions of the polishes.

Let's get to the polishes! All of these polishes had a good formula and I had no troubles with glitter placement. All swatches are with no base or top coat.

First up, Tiny Ruby, "a shimmering red ruby jelly that is filled with holographic glitters, glistening flecks, and the rarest jewels of Dalaam."

I used two coats here over Pretty & Polished Marilyn.

Next, The Kraken. "A marine jelly with a blue and green glow filled with glitters, shimmer, and the sea monster's ow holographic Crashing Boom Bang!"

This was 3 coats.

Finally, Lumine Hall. "A dark indigo jelly glistening with the iridescent glitters and shimmers of your deepest thoughts..."

3 coats.

I adore these colors, and I'm definitely going to be ordering a few of the other glitters from this collection.

The Summer of 199X is available at and participating retailers around the world. You can purchase the collection as a full-size set, mini set, or individual bottles.

Talk to you soon!

Friday, June 21, 2013

SpaRitual Crystal Waters

Hey guys!

My lovely friend Arlyn recently sent me a surprise package with polish and baby things! I had to try out this beauty from SpaRitual right away!

Crystal Waters is a metallic turquoise polish. I used 2 coats here, no top coat.

This is the perfect summery blue. Well, all blues are perfect to me, lol. But I love love this color! What do you think?

Thank you Arlyn!

Talk to you soon!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cult Nails Iconic with Paris Sparkles Chataigne

Hey guys!

Cult Nails Iconic is a beautiful berry polish with orangey flakies. This was 2 easy coats, no top coat. 

I added 2 coats of Paris Sparkles Chataigne to the ring finger because I thought the brown would be lovely with this berry polish! I think I was right ;-P

I love these colors together. It's a little bit fall-ish but who cares? LOL

Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pretty & Polished Moving Sale!!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you know about an awesome sale from an awesome indie maker!

Pretty & Polished is one of my favorite brands and they are moving soon! As a result, Chels is having a huge moving sale! 

Once July 1st comes around Pretty and Polished will be changing a lot! They will be releasing a whole bunch of new colors and products but will also be discontinuing some as well. The following is a list of polishes that will no longer be available once they sell out:

Punk'd Up Betty
Boy Bleu
Sand Art
Parting the Red Sea
Spring Fling
Sea Spray
(Plus all polishes in the Say Goodbye and From the Vault sections)

So if you want to grab some super awesome polishes at some super awesome prices, this is the time to do it! You can shop HERE and check out all of Pretty and Polished's updates at their Facebook page HERE. As well you can follow them on Twitter HERE and their new Instagram account prettyandpolishd HERE. 

Be sure to take advantage of these awesome deals!! 

Talk to you soon!

Jindie Nails Tried & True

Hey guys!

Short and sweet today :-) 

Jindie Nails Tried & True is a sheer base with blue, purple, and white glitter. This is 3 coats. 

Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review - Rainbow Honey Fab Summer Set

*Products were sent for my honest review*

Hey guys!

Today I'm reviewing the new Summer Set exclusive to Fab from Rainbow Honey.

"The Fab Summer Set is as refreshing as a cold sip of freshly squeezed lemonade. This set of three includes a dazzling array of shimmering polishes: kelly green, deep coral, and a sparkly lacuqer that glitters with holographic flecks. Paint yourself in a beautiful new light. - Fab"

These all applied very easily and smoothly. They had a nice consistency and there was no dragging or pooling.

Tenda, a bright kelly green with gold shimmer. This was 3 thin coats.

Costa del Sol over Tenda. This gold shimmering lacquer with iridescent and holographic glitters will add sun and sparkle to your manicure! 1 coat.

Schrammi is a deep coral with golden shimmer. This was 3 thin coats.

Costa del Sol over Schrammi, 1 coat.

I am not new to Rainbow Honey so I was fully expecting a wonderful product and this set did not disappoint.

The FAB Summer Set is now available through for a limited time only. Each set contains 3 full size 15ml lacquers designed exclusively for FAB by Rainbow Honey. The set is $25, while supplies last.

Talk to you soon!