Friday, June 28, 2013

Pure Ice Vinyl Remix - Rock Star

Hey guys! What's new and exciting with you?? We are getting ready for our Diaper Party this weekend. So I'm buying food and trying not to eat all of it, haha! What are you doing for fun?

So this product came out last year but I was never able to find it in any of the stores around me. I had to wait until I saw it in a Traveling Swap Box and snagged it up.

Pure Ice Vinyl Remix is basically a crackle polish, but with a little bit of a twist. You apply a white base coat, let it dry and then apply the topcoat, all of which are black. Once applied over the white magic base coat, the color changes. This one changed to a light blue.

 I know everyone is pretty much over the crackle phenomenon but it has been forever and a day since I wore crackle and I actually really liked this look. Easy nail art FTW!

I did apply a top coat after these photos were taken, to gloss it up a bit.

Talk to you soon!