Monday, October 15, 2012

Julep Maven It Girl: October

Hey guys! Happy Monday. I'm already ready for the weekend, lol.

This month, I chose the It Girl box.

First, Caroline. A deep red shimmer. This was 2 coats.


Included in this month's box were two little pots of glitter, black and orange. I used the orange on my accent nail over Caroline. Literally, all I did was roll my finger nail in the glitter while the second coat of Caroline was still wet, and voila! 


Next, Leslie, a light black (is that a thing?) shimmery polish. This was 2 easy coats. 

And then the silver shatter. I was hoping this would look more like the croc style shatter, because the label image was more like that but, nope. It's standard shatter. Oh well. I'll add it to the drawer of shatters, lol.

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Talk to you soon!