Monday, October 8, 2012

Zoya Evvie

Hey guys! Did everyone have a nice weekend? We just bummed around and didn't really do a lot. I did manage to find some colored pants... yay! LOL

Today I'm showing you a lovely little gem called Evvie, from Zoya's Fall Designer Collection. This color was originally created for designer Peter Som for Fashion Week. Zoya describes Evvie as a 'dark smokey grey cream with strong teal undertones.' Let's get to the photos, eh?

I used 2 flawless-as-per-usual coats of Evvie. Gosh, I love Zoya's formula. I'm sure there has to be a less than perfect formula from them somewhere out there but I haven't found it yet!

This color is such a simple but stunning fall cream. I resisted every urge to cover it with glitter, because I'm a Glitteraholic and I want glitter on everything. This pretty didn't need it!

With Flash: 

What do you think? Did you pick up any colors from this collection?

Talk to you soon!