Friday, October 12, 2012

Influenster: CleanWell Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipe

Hey guys! Whoops, one last Influenster review for you! I forgot it was in here, lol.

Again, I used Influenster's page description and my review will be below the pictures.

"Life is messy, sticky and germy. CleanWell helps clean it up and kill germs without any unwanted ingredients. These convenient pouches are perfect to pack in a lunch box or carry in your backpack or bag.

In a 50-count box, you'll find enough individually wrapped hand sanitizer wipes for a couple of months worth of lunches, to take along in your pocket for your next meeting or trade show (just THINK of all the hands you're shaking!) or just for your family to use while traveling. Their size and one-use packet make them ideal for taking them along when you're out in the world. They are great for both hands and faces.

And CleanWell doesn't use alcohol or benzalkonium chloride - so no concerns about dry skin, skin irritation, or irritating Mother Nature. Our all natural hand sanitizing wipes are great for hands (and faces) large and small.

Available at Whole Foods Market,,, and most natural products retail stores. "

These are nice wipes with a pleasant citrus scent. They are durable, too. I don't usually use sanitizing wipes; I just use gel or foam but these would be nice for someone with small kids. I don't think I will be purchasing them anytime soon but it's nice to know they are out there if I ever did want some sanitizing wipes!

Talk to you soon!

"This product was provided free of charge by Influenster for my honest opinion."