Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Essie Chinchilly

Hey guys! Sorry for the late post today; I just got home from a work project. Usually once a month, we do some sort of community outreach, painting, landscaping, soup kitchen, etc. I haven't been to one in a while and I decided to go today. I built 4 shelving units and ruined my manicure! LOL Oh well, that's why I have eleventy billion bottles of nail polish :-p Anyway! Onto today's post!

Today's polish is brought to you by Radha, from ThePolishOwl. This is the other polish she kindly sent to me, along with RBL Catherine.

Essie Chinchilly is what I call a taupe gray. I used 3 thin coats. Typically, this isn't a color I gravitate towards but it's one of those colors that just looks so good on. It's a nice palette cleanser, except that I don't ever feel my palette needs to be cleansed. Anyway, I like it, haha!

Talk to you soon!