Sunday, October 28, 2012

Orly Sea Gurl

Hey guys! I have a quick random swatch for you. I am really behind on editing my photos... that definitely needs to happen this week! I don't like to not have a stock pile of draft posts!

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I grabbed this Orly from the clearance bin at Ulta several weeks back. It was one I always picked up and then put back down and didn't purchase, for some reason. But I love it! So I was glad to see it on sale :-)

Sea Gurl is what I call a bronze taupe. Yeah, that's probably not a real thing but it's not plain taupe!

I used 1 lovely coat of Sea Gurl! I used this as a base for a glitter, which I already showed you (Candy Lacquer Opposites Attract). But still! 1 coat! Love it!

What are your thoughts on Sea Gurl?

Talk to you soon!