Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Twinsie Tuesday: Shattered Glass

Hey guys!

Nothing To Disclose

Today we are doing Shattered Glass nails. All of the shattered glass nails that I have seen use the iridescent cellophane but I didn't have any of that and remembered to do these nails... umm... kinda late, lol. So I improvised! And unfortunately, all three of the polishes that I used are no longer available. Whoops. I'm sorry.

I started with two coats of Love, Angeline No Dot About It, a white crelly with neon circle and hex glitters. I used her Topped With Love topcoat and let these nails dry for a bit.

Then, using one of Love, Angeline's Herringbone nail vinyls (btw, Love Angeline is discontinuing her nail vinyls and they are some of my favorites so hurry over to her shop to take advantage of her 50% off sale witht he code SOL50!), I used a cosmetic wedge and sponged on Mystery Holo #1 (purple) and #14 (green). I really really REALLY loved these. It's not the exact look I was picturing in my head but i love how they turned out!

Have you done Shattered Glass nails before? Do you like them?

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Talk to you soon!