Sunday, January 10, 2016

Round 20 Bestie Twin Nails with The Little Canvas

Hey guys!

Nothing To Disclose

It's time for another Bestie Twin Nails with my buddy Alain from The Little Canvas. You know the drill: let's get to the good stuff.

This time, we wanted to do a black and gold NYE festive manicure and I realize it's no longer NYE but who cares, lol. We used this picture by for inspiration!

I started with OPI DS Pewter for my base color because I somehow don't own a plain black OPI. Wut? Then I used the brush in the OPI I Cannoli Wear OPI to stripe that color down the middle. using a small striping brush, I painted OPI Glitzerland on the side of I Cannoli Wear OPI. I added topcoat and boom. Done.

I love black and gold together. Why do people do this primarily at the holidays? Ugh, it's so pretttty!!! Now go check out Alaina's nails and leave her a one word comment! I mean it! One word!

Talk to you soon!