Monday, January 11, 2016

Londontown Lakur Cloud Manicure

Hey guys!

First of all, today is my mother's birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! <3

Secondly, a while back (last fall, actually), I did a guest post for Marisa at I realized that I never posted my manicure here so that's what I'm doing today! It's just a simple cloud manicure, but I always like those!

For this cloud manicure, I used three polishes from the brand Londontown Lakur, a new to me brand. I will say that the labels on these bottles have the smallest font ever and it was really hard to read sooooo..... I could only make out two of the three names. Whoops.

I started with 2 coats of Skyline Reflect, a multichrome silver, blue, purple shimmer. Then I added the first layer of clouds using Emerald Tower, a dark green creme. Finally, I added the gold glitter.

Simple but cute, right? Are you a fan of the cloud manicure?

Talk to you soon!