Thursday, January 21, 2016

Themed Thursday: Snowman

Hey guys!

Nothing To Disclose

Today is Thursday and that means Themed Thursday! The theme for today is Snowmen so I bring you this adorable little snowmani (ha, get it?!) that I found on Pinterest via

For my base color, I used Zoya Rowan, from the Transitional collection for 2015. This was two coats and I was actually really surprised at how much I enjoyed this color. It's suede/taupey color and was opaque and even in two coats. I then used Zoya Purity to draw the snowmen bodies and dots and Willa for the eyes, mouth, and arms. Finally, I drew a gold heart using Zoya Ziv.

My snowmen look a little nervous, lol! Still, I think they are super cute and I'm totally digging this neutral color combination!

If you are participating in the Themed Thursday challenge, be sure to use the #ThemedThursdayJan on Instagram!

Talk to you soon!