Saturday, December 29, 2012

Naild' It Dragon Scales

Hey guys! How is your weekend going so far? We had our NYE party last night and everyone had fun :-) It's kind of funny to see how everyone's habits change over the years. A few years ago, we had to kick people out at about 3am... now people start leaving at around midnight because they have to get home to the baby sitter or are just tired. Ahhh, getting older! LOL

Naild' It Dragon Scales is something that was an impulse purchase after I helped Amanda decide what polishes she should buy. I had no intention of buying anything but after googling swatches to help her decide, it became obvious that I kind of needed this baby.

Dragon Scales is packed with blue, purple, red, green, black, and white glitters of all different sizes. I used 1 coat here over Zoya Blaze.

What do you think?

Talk to you soon!