Friday, December 28, 2012

Mattese Elite Nutty Hat Guy

Hey guys! Happy weekendddddd!!! We are having a New Year's Eve party tonight... yeah yeah, I know it's not NYE but whatever. Don't judge me, lol!

Today's polish is from Amanda at Nail Polish Enthusiast, aka The Other Half Of My Brain. I swear, we are the same person. It's a little freaky.

Mattese Elite is a new to me brand, so I was pumped to see it in my care package :-)

Nutty Hat Guy (which I keep typing Nutty Hate Guy, so if you see that somewhere in this post, just ignore me. I'm a dummy) is a pinky purple glitter with sprinkles of red and green in the mix. I used 3 coats on its own here, no top coat. 

This was a peach to apply, no issues at all :-) Thanks Amanda!!!

Talk to you soon!