Saturday, December 1, 2012

Julep November Box

Hey guys!

So this is a little late. To be fair, I thought today was November 30th and I was still getting this in on time. Whoops.  Oh well.And on top of that... I don't remember which box I selected.... :-/

This month's boxes were all about suede polishes. I personally am not a huge fan of suedes, but I knew these colors would be lovely with a shiny topcoat, and I was right :-)

First up, Amber, a sort of amber colored brown suede. The formula on both of these polishes was nice, they dried fairly quickly there was no dragging or balding. I used two coats for each color.

 With topcoat:

Next is Nora, a deep purple suede. This almost looks gray, but it is actually deep purple!


 With topcoat:

This box also came with Julep's Pink Frosting, a body cream. I've not used a lot of it, but what I did use was nice and fluffy and worked into the skin nicely. I hate hate hate greasy lotion!
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Talk to you soon!