Thursday, November 8, 2012

OPI Skyfall Collection

Hey guys!

Today I'm going to bring you the OPI Skyfall collection, since "Skyfall" comes out in theaters this week! I bought all of the polishes except for Moonraker and I cannot find The Living Daylights or The Man With The Golden Gun.

Onto the polish!

Tomorrow Never Dies is a glowy blurple. It's much more purple toned than these pictures show! The first 2 pictures are with flash.

I used two coats here.

This is after I wore it for a day or two so forgive the tip wear but a much more color accurate photo.

 Skyfall is a lovely fall creme. This was 2 coats.

I didn't swatch Goldeneye on it's own but I layered one coat over Skyfall. I believe this would be opaque in about 3 good coats. Love the gold! 

Casino Royale is a pretty plum creme. Again, 2 coats. 

 You Only Live Twice is a bright pink glassfleck. This seems like kind of a strange color for this collection but I like it, none the less. This was 2 coats

 Die Another Day is a shimmery orange. I kind of really love this shade of orange!! 2 coats.

With Flash:

The World Is Not Enough is a weird shimmery brownish color. It's pretty sheer, this was 3 coats!

 On Her Majesty's Secret Service is a silvery blue purple shimmer. I'm gonna tell you... I have 2 other polishes exactly like this from this year (Zoya FeiFei, Sinful Winter Wonderland..) so if you have either of those, you can probably skip this one. Unless you just really love this color, because it is pretty! 2 coats.

Live And Let Die is a beautiful dark green shimmer. 2 lovely coats and such a gorgeous color!

Apparently, I lost the photos of the other polishes I swatched from this collection. I think I'm missing The Spy Who Loved Me somewhere.. hmm.... That's strange.

Anyway, what are your picks from this collection? My favorite is probably Live And Let Die! So pretty!

Are you doing to see Skyfall when it is released? I know I am!

Talk to you soon!