Sunday, November 11, 2012

Jade Fascinio Violeta and Hypnose

Hey guys!

I have a question for you... Do you love holographic nail polish? Do you love linear holographic nail polish? Then today's post will make you twitter with excitement.


Fascinio Violeta is just about the prettiest purple holo I've ever seen. I'm such a sucker for linear holo's and this looks fabulous in all lights and angles. This was two coats, WITH top coat! And it didn't dull the holo. Erhamahgersh, so amazing. 

Next is Jade Hypnose, a brilliant blue holo. This was actually the manicure I wore to the Detroit Lions game we attend on October 28th, and they won so now this is my gameday manicure. At least until they lose, lol.

Again, 2 coats, with top coat. 

aADjkahdKLAUgaLKFgafkAFA... That's me drooling. So so so so beautiful.

Talk to you soon!