Monday, November 5, 2012

Special Edition: Vote 2012 Twinsie! Nails!

Hey guys!

If you live in the United States and are unaware that tomorrow is Election Day... well here is your reminder!

I'm not going to get into any sort of political debate but I will say that everyone should go vote! Nothing irritates me more than someone complaining about whoever is president and then to find out they didn't vote in the last election! Grrr!!

Anyway, I did a quick splatter mani, which is incidentally my first somewhat successful splatter mani. I chose the splatter mani because it's how I view politics: it's messy. And that's pretty much the only reasoning behind it, lol.

The polishes used were all China Glaze:
White on White (white base)
Ruby Pumps (red glitter)
Dorothy Who? (blue glitter)

Yeah.... it's not that pretty but I was in a hurry! LOL And don't even talk about the cleanup! It's awful, I know. 

Anyway, don't forget to VOTE 2012!! And check out my other Twinsie Vote 2012 girls!
Jamie - @Jamieleelu

Talk to you soon!