Thursday, November 22, 2012

Orly Miss Conduct and Too Fab

Hey guys! Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating! I'm pretty pumped for some foooodddd!!! :-)

Today's post features two new Orly glitters and is not at all Thanksgiving-y, lol! Let's get to the fabulousness, shall we?

First, Miss Conduct. This is a lovely fuchsia glitter. This applied sooooo much more smoothly than I was expecting! I used two coats, no top coat. 

With Flash:


Since glitter on glitter is my favorite thing, I added one good coat of Too Fab, a gold hex glitter. Kind of Effie Trinket-esque, don't ya think? 

 These glitters look like they were curling, but I promise you they were not. Just embedded in a sea of glittery awesomeness :-)

Do you love glitter?!?!? Let's be friends!

Talk to you soon!