Saturday, October 11, 2014

Best Twin Nails with The Little Canvas!

Hey guys!
                                                                                                                                 Nothing To Disclose

It's that time again!! Time for BTN with The Little Canvas!

This time, we decided to do something seasonal and do some fall nails. Alaina found this image, which unfortunately doesn't have anyone to credit or link back to any site. Whyyy?? This is why people should watermark their pictures, lol.

I used OPI MBSW, Zoya Pippa, Arizona, and Maura and for the trees CND Blackjack, because I don't own another plain black polish. How is this possible?!?

I started with two coats of the most perfect white ever (PLEASE BRING IT BACK, OPI!) of My Boyfriend Scales Walls then sponged on Zoya Pippa, Arizona, Maura and then a bit more Pippa on top.

You guys.... what? How? I can't even draw a skinny straight line?! Sigh. Alaina was very nice and said "they're just old oak trees!" and my roommate said "....maybe you should drink a glass of wine when you paint your nails!" LOLOLOL!! Sigh. Someday, I will be able to draw skinny straight lines. Maybe I should invest in acrylic paints for occasions such as this!

Obviously you have to go see Alaina's nails because they are one thousand times better than mine. Womp womp! LOL

Talk to you soon!