Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sinful Colors Spam

Hey guys! Happy Saturday! What is everyone up to today? I am going to run some errands and attempt to swatch swatch swatch! My 6th wedding anniversary is tomorrow, along with my niece's 1st birthday party (with a lady bug theme), and I'm thinking that I should try some lady buy nails :-) We'll see if that actually happens! LOL

I have a few Sinful colors to show you today. These were part of the $0.99 Walgreens sale from a few weeks back.

First, is Lavender. I believe this is a new color for Sinful. A dusty, gray purple creme polish. This had a nice formula, easy to apply. No pooling or dragging. 2 coats, no top coat. 

I used Kleancolor Winter Wonderland over Rain Storm for my glitter topper. 

Next is Rain Storm. This is definitely a new color. A lovely dark blue creme polish. I love love love this color blue. I might have an obsession with blue and glitter, to be honest. I have a hard time saying no to either. 

 Lac Attack Peacocky was a perfectly lovely glitter topper for this polish. Seriously, go buy some Lac Attack. Anastasia makes badass glitters and we're sparkle short twins. So yeah :-) 

This is one coat of Peacocky.


Talk to you soon!