Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NYC Peach Sparkle and Golden Glam

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! WHOOHOO! I love Wednesdays, lol.

How is everyone's week going so far? I feel very organize-y and de-cluttery this week... I've been cleaning and organizing at work and coming home and cleaning and organizing! It feels so good to get rid of stuff that we just don't need/use/want anymore. Aaahhhh. Except for nail polish, of course :-p

Anyway, I'm gonna go ahead and blame Nouveau Cheap for me buying these :-p

These two new NYC polishes are quite lovely. Golden Glam is up first!

Golden Glam is a lovely rosey coral color with golden shimmah. It's quite duochrome-y. This was 3 thin coats, no top coat. 

 With flash:

Peach Sparkle is a... wait for it... peach creme with golden shimmah! This was  the same as the Golden Glam, 3 thin coast, easy to apply. No top coat.

 With flash:

NYC is super cheap, around $0.99 and these might have even been on sale so it was totally worth it :-)

What do you think? Too plain? Too pink? Too shimmery? WHAT'S YER DEAL, MAN?! (I swear, I'm okay. I don't even drink caffeine anymore, I don't know what's wrong with me today! Haha!)

Talk to you soon!