Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Orly Decades of Dysfunction and Lush Laquer Summer Lovin'

Hey guys! Happy...Tuesday... I think? I don't know.

Sally Beauty Supply was having a 50% off clearance sale a few weekends back. I was really good and only bought this polish and one other! Whoot whoot!

Decades of Dysfunction is a porcelain color of sorts, with pink undertones. This isn't a typical color for me but I'm trying to branch out, haha! And I knew it would be great for glitters :-p

This is 3 coats, no top coat.

Speaking of glitters..... Lush Lacquer is an Etsy store run by a mother and daughter team and I had recently received the 3 polishes I ordered from their store. Summer Lovin' is a orange creamsicle color based polish, packed with blue (purple?), pink, and yellow matter glitters. This is about 1.5 coats over Decades of Dysfunction. 

You can purchase Lush Lacquer from their Etsy shop.

I don't know why that one pictures is GINORMOUS.... weird! Anyway, I really loved the Lush Lacquers and I definitely recommend checking them out! They are going to be releasing a bunch of new colors later this week and discontinuing some of the current colors! Go buy them before it's too late!

Talk to you soon!