Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Twinsie Tuesday: Gradient + Stamping

Hey guys!

Nothing To Disclose

Well the time has come for my least favorite of prompts: stamping. Ugghhhh I'm so bad at stamping. I thought about skipping this week but I don't have a good excuse for skipping this week, lol. So here I am. Trying. 

I started with a few Nine Zero polishes from the new Roy G Biv collection. I used Dispersion (the yellow) and Frequency (orange) for my gradient. These were really easy to use in a gradient, they were opaque and covered well in about two gradient coats.

Then I used my Born Pretty Store stamping plate number BPL-029 and used the daisy image with my Wet n Wild Black Creme polish to attempt to stamp. Guys. IT CAME OUT PERFECTLY! I was completely shocked. I almost posted this the night I did the art because I just couldn't wait to tell anyone and I was just so excited! I realize this is a simple stamping look but it's basically amazing for me! 

This gives me hope! I did you my clear stamper from Born Pretty Store and that DEFINITELY helped. I have to see what I'm doing! LOL 

Also, even though I purchased the BPS items that I used, I do have a discount code for 10% off your order at bornprettystore.com with the code FEL91. This isn't an affiliate code, just a discount for you :) 

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Talk to you soon!