Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Twinsie Tuesday: Monochrome

Hey guys!

Nothing To Disclose

Today we are doing Monochromatic manicures and I'm not really sure if mine counts but I'm calling it monochromatic anyway.

I used 4 different China Glaze polishes for an ombrè dry brush mani. From ring finger to pinky:
- At Vase Value
- Aquadelic
- Treble Maker
- Gaga for Green

All were 2 coats, except for At Vase Value which was prettttyyyy tricky. I did three coats but it was kind of a mess: patchy, chalky, and didn't level very well. So my coats were very very thin. Such a gorgeous color though!

Then I reversed the colors for a dry brush so I used Gaga for Green on my index finger, Treble Maker on my middle, Aquadelic on my ring, and At Vase Value on my pinky. The colors didn't contrast as much as I would have liked but I guess that just makes this better for monochromatic, right? LOL

Alaina at The Little Canvas
                                                                 Alice at Nail Art in Wonderland
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Sharon at Behind Green Eyes 

Talk to you soon!