Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday: A Technique You Love...

Hey guys!

Nothing To Disclose
...but haven't tried in a while.

Well I was flaky and lazy and went with plain old nail vinyls for today. We were busy prepping for Avery's 2nd birthday party this past weekend and I totally forgot to write up a post, lol.

So I used Glam Polish Utopian Paradise, which was two perfect coats, as per usual with Glam Polish, ugh. LOL.

Then I used some nail vinyls and slapped on GP I Know You Want Me! which was also perfect and that's annoying because guys.. I want all of the Glam Polishes. All of them. Wahhhh...

I smooshed my pointer finger because I forgot to take a picture when my nails were fresh and went to bed and woke up with a smooshed nail. Womp womp.

But this was really pretty and I enjoyed this manicure while I wore it!

The twinsies are taking August off, so be sure to leave extra comments on all of their posts this week and we will be back in September to resume the Twinsie Tuesday super fun times.
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Talk to you soon!