Sunday, July 26, 2015

Round 14: Bestie Twin Nails with The Little Canvas!

Hey guys!

Nothing To Disclose

We're back again with another BTN and this time, we are attempting the dreaded WATERMARBLE! DUN DUN DUN!!! I suck at watermarbling, regardless of how well the polish performs. I'm just bad at it. There is no reason other than... I'm just bad at it, lol. But I want to get better and that's partially what this Monthly BTN is for so let's get to it.

I used all Orly polishes for these except that I Salon Perfect Sugar Cube as my white base. I alternated Gumdrop and On the Edge and attempted a sad water marble design. Water marble masters: WHAT IS THE TRICK TO DESIGNS? Like, I don't get it. As quickly as I drop the polish, it crusts over and the toothpick or water marble tool doesn't make a line, it drags the polish??? Ugh. Anyway.

Then since I was already liquid latexing my nails, I figured that I might as well do all the nails and did a gradient using the same colors. I added a coat of Mirrorball because duh. It's Mirrorball.

My watermarble is just never going to be perfect but I thought this looking passable! My liquid latex messed up the marble on my middle finger when I took it off but whatever. I marbled. It happened, lol.

Now everyone go look at Alaina's nails and comment that she has to at least do one finger for a glitter placement manicure for an upcoming BTN! She's just being stubborn and difficult in this area. LOL.

Talk to you soon!