Friday, July 24, 2015

I Love Nail Polish: Day 3!

Hey guys!

Nothing To Disclose

We are to the last day of ILNP Week! Have you enjoyed this week? I really like featuring one brand for the week (or at least a good chunk of the week). Let me know if you enjoy this as well!

All of these polishes had very good formulas and were super super easy to apply. No pooling, streaking, or patchiness whatsoever.

Honor Roll is a navy blue holo. This was 2 completely perfect coats. Looove!

Shoreline is a pale pale aqua color, packed with holo glitter and flakies. It basically looks silver but regardless of the color, it was 2 perfect coats. My notes say "2 COATS IT'S FANTASTIC" so I must have been really excited about that, lol.

Money Bin is a yellow gold holographic. This was 2 coats and has the same formula as Shoreline: full of flakies and holo and really easy to apply.

 Finally, we have MEGA (X), the 4th in the MEGA line of super holos. This is a silver holo, packed to the gills with super amazing holo goodness. I used 3 coats, but it was ALMOST opaque in 2. I even took a video of the amazing holo because it wasn't translating properly to still photos. Check Instagram for that!

And that concludes ILNP week! What was your favorite polish? As I was reorganizing my helmers last week, I found the Spring ILNP polishes that I purchased and haven't swatched yet. Yep. So I can definitely do another ILNP feature week if you enjoyed this week! 

Talk to you soon!