Friday, March 20, 2015

Sweet Heart Polish New World Collection

Hey guys!

Nothing To Disclose

Today I have the Sweet Heart Polish New World collection to share with you. This collection consists of 5 linear holographic polishes, based on Disney's Aladdin movie, one of my favorites :-)

By Order Of The Princess is a minty green - 2 coats. The holo on this wasn't as strong, but I should have done three coats, in retrospect. It is a beautiful color!

Cave of Wonders - 3 coats. A beautiful gold holograph polish.

Do You Trust Me? - 2 coats

Sultan Abu - 2 coats

Poof! What Do Ya Need? - 2 coats

Guess which was my favorite? LOL I love Poof! What Do You Need? And Sultan Abu but I really like the collection as a whole; it's very Aladdin, don't you think?

The formula on all of these polishes was really great, they didn't pool at all and were in no way patchy. Whoo!

You an purchase Sweet Heart Polish on her Etsy Shop Here.

Talk to you soon!