Monday, March 2, 2015

Makeup Monday: ColourPop Lippie Stix

Hey guys!

Nothing To Disclose

Today I thought I would share with you my ColourPop Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencils collection! If you haven't heard of ColourPop, where have you been? Heehee, they are blowing up social media and from what I've experienced, they are totally worth the hype. I have a bunch of the Super Shock eye shadows and lippies and they recently introduced blushes and you can bet your booty that I will be ordering several of those, as well!

There are several great things about ColourPop: first, the price. The lippies, stix, and eyeshadows are only $5 each and the blushes are $8 each. These are very affordable prices and I am all for that. The lippies are in a twist up pen, which is always my favorite type of applicator. I also love that the applicator is a smaller, slimline stick rather than the typical lipstick bullet. I think this makes for much more precise application!

This isn't a sponsored post, ColourPop has no idea who I am but if you want to send me all of the things, ColourPop, I would not be unhappy with that decision :-p

I have 11 of the lippie stix, 3 lippie pencils, and the lip primer. So let's get to it, shall we?

There are 4 finishes for the Lippie Stix: Matte, Satin, Glossy, and Hyper Glossy. I have mainly matte and satin shades, with one glossy finish.

The Lippie Primer enhances the look of any lip color and helps to prolong the wear. I haven't worn this enough to testify if it does those things, but it does help to add a moisturizing step to the lip products, especially the matte lippies. I'm not going to swatch this because, well... it's clear and you would see nothing :-p

Button (Glossy) is a peachy coral shade. This was one of the first lippies that I bought! I do like this color but I prefer the matte and satin lippies so I don't reach for this one as much as I should.

Fancy (Satin) is a mid tone coral color. This is a new lippie to me and I haven't worn it yet! I did purchase the matching lipliner for this shade. I love this color; it's going to be so perfect this summer!

Frida (Satin) is a warm, mid tone pink. This shade was created by CoffeeBreakWithDani. This is one of my favorites colors; it's flattering on every skin tone and it goes with basically every look!

Lumiere (Matte) is a mauvey pink, created by the lovely Kathleen Lights. This is another of my favorites because it goes with everything! I have the matching lipliner for this color, as well.

Gossip (Satin) is a blue toned pink.

Wifey (Satin) is a bright lavender pink.

Heart On (Matte) is a cool toned magenta.

Flawless (Satin) is a deep red violet finish. The lipliner is a smidge darker for this lippie.

LBB (Matte) is a plum wine color.

Clique (Matte) is a vivid orange red. I haven't worn this yet but it's such a badass color, I just had to buy it!

Frenchie (Matte) is a neon red. I haven't worn this yet either but again... I had to have it!

So yeah, I'm a little addicted to ColourPop. They have great customer service, send cute little notes in your packages, everything is made in the USA and they are cruelty free. I mean... what more do you want??

Go check them out, you will thank me later:-)

Talk to you soon!