Saturday, April 27, 2013

Takko Lacquer Pucker Up with Maneki Neko

Hey guys! Happy Saturday! What are you up to today? I am enjoying this perfectly gorgeous day! SO MUCH SUN OHMYGOSH I LOVE IT! Anyway...

So after voraciously stalking Takko Lacquer's Etsy shop for several weeks, I FINALLY nabbed Pucker Up and Maneki Neko and holy moly are they gorgeous. I couldn't decide which to wear first so I wore both :-)

Pucker Up is a beautiful coral shimmer, I used 3 thin coats. Maneki Neko is a STUNNNNNNNING green microglitter. This was 3 coats. I think. It might have been 2. My notes are waayyyyyyy over on the other side of the room :-p Either way, I absolutely loved this combination.

Talk to you soon!