Tuesday, April 30, 2013

China Glaze Fancy Pants with Paris Sparkles Cobalt Surprise

Hey guys!

This is Fancy Pants from China Glaze's spring Avant Garden collection. Fun fact about me: I add 'pants' to a lot of words.... one of my nicknames is even Amandapants. So obviously I needed this polish, not only because it's an awesome blurple shimmer, but because it's called Fancy Pants. Even if it were ugly, I still might have purchased it. Luckily, it's definitely not ugly.

This is two glorious coats of Fancy Pants. FANCY PANTS!

Then, sticking with my double accent nails, I added 2 coats of Paris Sparkles Cobalt Surprise over Fancy Pants.  I like typing Fancy Pants, can you tell??

I LOVED these together. Blue? Check? Glitter? Check? Ya know what that equals? Amandapants' favorite things.

Talk to you soon!