Friday, April 26, 2013

Sation Unicorns are Teal Jelly Sandwich

Hey guys! Happy Friday! What are your plans for the weekend??

Who loves a jelly sandwich??? THIS GIRL! So hopefully you do too :-)

This is Sation Unicorns are Teal, a TEAL FREAKING JELLY ERHMAHGERD. I only have a few Sation's but I think I need more because I love them. And if they have more jellies... well yes, I definitely need those.

This was 2 coats of Unicorns are Teal. Also, that name. Dead from awesome.

Then I added 2 coats of Black Cat Lacquer Sanitation Twin because it's glitter and awesome and I wanted to.

Then one more coat of UaT. 


Talk to you soon!