Friday, April 19, 2013

GOSH Holographic Hero

Hey guys! What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow is my birthday! I think we are probably going to go to dinner. And also, a new Meijer opens up near my town and that is very exciting to me, lol. I'm a simple person :-p

I have a lot of leftover holo swatches from last month's challenge, so I hope you guys like to see holographic polishes! :-)

GOSH recently re-released their super popular Holographic polish. I don't have the original so I can't compare the two but this version is Holographic Hero and it's a silver rainbow wonderland.

I used 2 easy coats.  I took these photos using my lamp so not as rainbowy as it was in person or as it would be in sunlight but you get the idea, right?

Do you have either of the GOSH Holographic polishes? Which do you prefer? 

Talk to you soon!