Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March Untrieds: A England Ascalon and Cirque XX

Hey guys! So I totally forgot to post yesterday I was a little busy. We found out that we are expecting a baby girl! Yayyy!!! So much glitter!!!! :-) Everything looks fine and healthy and normal, so that is the biggest blessing.

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For this installment of March untrieds, you're looking at silver and holo goodness from A England and Cirque. There are a lot of pictures because I couldn't deny the beauty and had a very hard time deleting pictures. Sorry I'm not sorry.

First up, A England Ascalon, a dark gray linear holo. This was 2 lovely coats, as per usual with A England. Let's bask in it's beauty, shall we?

To make it even more holycrapwhatnailpolishisthat, I added 1 good coat of Cirque XX. Umm... okay. So I basically love XX like whoa. LOOK AT THAT HOLO GLITTER ERHMAHGERD!!!

If you don't own either of these, you just should. You just should.

Talk to you soon!