Saturday, March 9, 2013

NYX Moonwalk

Hey Guys! How are you?! What are your plans for the weekend? I think I'm going to get the oil changed in my car and then who knows?! LOL

I don't know that I've featured NYX on the blog before so yay for new brands! Also, I'm still going through my draft folder and clearing out some older posts so at some point, you will hopefully see some new things on the blog... not always just creme and glitter. Although, that is my favorite thing in the world :-p

NYX Moonwalk is a black based polish with silver glitter. This was very east to apply, I used 2 coats, no top coat. So much glitter payoff! 

Whatcha think? I love the shape of this NYX bottle. Nice and sturdy!

Talk to you soon!