Saturday, January 19, 2013

Color Club Winter Affair Duo

Hey guys! Today is my husband's birthday! Happy Birthday!! I should probably at least get him a card, eh? Whoops!

I picked up this duo at Sally's forever ago! I'm not gonna lie... I don't know the names. There were no names on the packages and since there were two holiday collections released by the same name from Color Club (one for Sally's and one for everyone else) I kind of gave up on figuring out which shade this was. I do know that it's a gorgeous wine colored shimmer!

This is 2 easy coats. Look at that shimmer! 

I decided to do some French tips with the flakie. I am not a French manicure kind of girl. They are too classy for me, haha! So this is probably the most simple French mani you'll ever see on this blog :-p 

Talk to you soon!