Sunday, January 27, 2013

Influenster: Palmolive Fresh Infusions

Hey guys!

Since I forgot to get a guest post from someone this week, you get to read my review of my most recent Influenster box, the Palmolive Fresh Infusions box!

First off, I was totally shocked that these were full sized bottles! I was expecting travel/sample sizes so when I opened the box and saw 3 full sized bottles of dish soap... I'm not gonna lie, I whooped!

The scents I received were:
Lemon Thyme
Ginger White Tea
Lime Basil

I do have a dishwasher but a large majority of my dishes I wash by hand, because I have a lot of older dishes that I just don't trust in the dishwasher (I love love love old dishes, colored glass... but that's a different topic).

So I've been alternating using a different scent each time I wash dishes, as you can see by the even fill lines, lol.

They all smell very good, you can decipher the scent but it's not overpowering and they all suds up nicely. I probably use too much but I like a LOT of suds :-p

I would definitely buy these again. They wash up nicely, and don't leave my dishes feeling soapy or grimy. I also like the bottle shape, which sounds weird but it's more appealing than some of the other shaped bottles I've purchased. Also, the caps are easy to open but click securely shut! I don't want tto knock the bottle over and spill delicious soap everywhere.

The Ginger White Tea is my favorite because I love floral scents. Now I have to remember to use my coupons for these!

Thumbs up, Palmolive!

Talk to you soon!