Sunday, January 6, 2013

Guest Post: Wes from Polish Me Manly

Hey guys!

Today's post is brought you by Wes, from Polish Me Manly. Wes is a dude. Obviously. He's recently discovered that he loves nail polish and well.. who can blame him? Check out his awesome holo post! 

AND I need more guest posts! So email me if you are interested in posting!

 I recently discovered that I have a nail polish obsession.... Big deal right?  I mean, you are reading a blog that has a lot to do with nail polish... To some it's a big deal because I am a straight male.  I admit it, I love nail polish and all that it entails.  Growing and caring for my nails and hands, spending crap loads of money on nail polish, spending time painting and taking pictures of my nails and blogging about it.  I have been following Amanda's blog for a little over a month, and have enjoyed the many swatches she posts.  When she said she was looking for guest bloggers, I thought I'd give it a shot. 

Not only do I have a nail polish obsession, I have a holo obsession and a VERY VERY VERY bad one.  I spend hours looks at pics of holo swatches and finding holot polishes and lemming over every single one.  I affectionately, accept the label of holowhore! Amanda has caused me to lem most of the holos that I want. I don't blame her, I thank her for posting so many of these swatches so I can see how amazing they are and since she likes them I am confident to say I should probably buy them all.    If you have never tried a holo nail polish you should. You are missing out. Warning:  They are amazing and distracting, be cautious operating heavy machinery and be prepared to get absolutely no work done if you wear it to work.....Here are some swatches of Hits Hera Holographic

Love love that holo, Wes. And nice cleanup!!!

Talk to you soon!