Saturday, May 5, 2012

Nails Inc The Boltons

Hey guys!

Did you get a chance to read my Fashion Friday blog? What did you think?

Nails Inc The Boltson is a fabulous fabulous red. My mommy (yes, I'm 20something and still call my mother 'my mommy'... don't judge me) got this for me for Christmas.

Now, you know that I don't normally love red but this one is gorgeous. It looks soooo rich and glowing. I feel like this is similar to A England's Perceval, although I don't have that gorgeous color to compare.

Two easy coats, no top coat.

What's my favorite thing in the world? GLITTER TIPS!

Jordana's Copper Blaze made an excellent companion to this gorge red. 

There was no top coat in these photos but once I added the top coat, it smoothed everything out nicely :-)

Today I am running errands and going to a Handmade Crafty show thing... what are your plans?

Talk to you soon!