Thursday, May 17, 2012

Comparison: China Glaze Ray-Diant vs. Wet n Wild Born Into Privilege

Hey guys!

Today I have a comparison post for you. I picked up all 5 of the limited edition Wet n Wild ColorIcon Be Jeweled polishes a while back and when I finally saw the China Glaze Prismatic collection, they looked similar. I snagged one of the CG's and when I got it home found that, yep, it's pretty much identical, at least in the bottle.

Let's compare, shall we??

First, I cannot for the life of me remember the base color for this swatch. I've searched all of my brain cavities and come up empty. Sorry. Anyway... This is one coat of each of the glitters over a purple basecoat. 

Index and Ring Finger: China Glaze Ray-Diant
Middle and Pinky: WnW Born Into Privilege. 

This last picture is two coats.

I'm calling these exactly the same. I love China Glaze like it's family, and the formula was pretty much the same for both polishes. If you can't find the China Glaze collection, I'd grab the Wet n Wild to satisfy your glittery craving :-)

Talk to you soon!