Friday, May 11, 2012

Fashion Friday!

Hey guys!

Well today's Fashion Friday isn't terribly exciting, but it's all about the baby steps, right?

Usually, what I wear to work at super comfy v-neck pocket tees.... They are like the most comfortable t-shirt ever. I have about 20 colors... for reals.

These are the shirts I usually wear... sooo soft! I wanted to roll around in them while taking this picture.
See, like a bajillion colors! And several of these shirts are in the wash, lol.

I decided that I wanted to wear one of my fun new tops I picked up a few weeks back at JCPenney. This is a Worthington top, super comfy but much cuter than my original 'uniform'.

I love yellow. It's such a happy color! This shirt was very comfortable to wear. I think my fear with not wearing nicer clothes to work is that I will be uncomfortable and pull and adjust and whatnot. That wasn't the case with this shirt. I feel like going back and getting one in every color... but then I would be wear I am now with those wonderful pocket tee's! :-p

Talk to you soon!