Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sally Hansen HD DVD & A No Buy!

Hey guys!

 So , Cat from Cat's Adventures In Lacquer Land mentioned on Twitter a while back that she needed to do a no buy and did anyone want to do it with her? I said yes, because I have been thinking about my polish collection lately and while I completely love it... it's getting a little bit out of control. So this will be good for me!

Starting today (May 1) and through at least July 1st, I will be on a no/super low buy. I say 'low buy' because I do want a few of the China Glaze neons when they are released.

We are excluding the monthly Julep Maven boxes from this, as that is already factored into a budget. And I do have a gift card to use at Ulta and Sephora so I am not counting those, because... well, it's free money :-)

During this time, I am going to be reorganizing and purging my stash. I've already started swatching my nail wheels and then I will reorganize everything into my helmer and plastic drawer cart thing.

SO! Look out for updates to my Blog Sale soon, I fear I will have about 178 colors of blue that are all the same, lol!!

Anyway, I'm hoping to set money aside for a vacation or something awesome so this no buy will maybe help me focus on why I'm trying to save monies :-)

I've still got 13492860874564375 polishes to show you so that won't stop me from posting; sorry, you can't get rid of me that easily :-p 

Enough rambling, onto today's polish!

Sally Hansen HD DVD is sheer purple to blue glassflecked polish. BLURPLE is probably my favorite nail polish word.

3 coats, no top coat. So pretty and purpley and blueeee! I have a feeling that this will look great over black!

Talk to you soon!