Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Twinsie Tuesday: Inspired by Fabric

Hey guys!

Nothing To Disclose

Today we are being inspired by fabric and I had a super cute pattern all picked out and then it was just a dramatic disaster when I went to create the manicure so I had to start from scratch, lol.

I was thinking about what I could do when I looked down at my pajama pants and thought "oh! I can do that in like 5 minutes time!" because of course it was Monday night at 10:30pm when I remembered that I hadn't completed my mani!

So my fabric manicure is inspired by my pajama pants, ha. I'm not sure where these pants are from but they are lightweight for the spring and super cute!

I started with a base of China Glaze Aquadelic, 2 coats. I let that dry for a few minutes and then dotted China Glaze Make Some Noise and used Call of the Wild for the cherry stems. Then I used Kalahari Kiss for the leaves and attempted to use Sally Hansen OMGhost for the cherry shine thing and also for the dots.

Yeah yeah, not very neat but I was in a hurry lol! If I had taken my time, I think this would have been super cute! Maybe I'll try again when I'm less hurried!

                                                             Alaina at The Little Canvas
                                                             Alice at Nail Art in Wonderland
                                                               Amanda at Amandalandish
                                                                Amber at Nails Like Lace
        Sharon at Behind Green Eyes 
          Steph at Lovestruck Lacquer

Talk to you soon!