Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Swatch & Review: NYC & Rimmel

Hey guys!

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Today I have some goodies from NYC New York Color and Rimmel to share with you! There are quite a few so let's get to it! I am going to do eye products first and then lip products so we'll skip around a bit with the brands.

First up, from NYC. The Show Time Kohl Kajal Eyeliner is available in 4 colors and retails for $2.99: True Black, Deep Brown, Deep Grey, and Purple Glam. These come in a cone shaped applicator which provides a precise application. These are very pigmented; the swatch shown is one swipe of each color!

Next from Rimmel, the Magnifeyes Double Ended Shadow and Liner! This product comes in 5 colors and retails for about $6-$7, depending on where you purchase it: 001 Back to Black, 002 Kissed By A Rose Gold, 003 Queens of the Bronzed Age, 004 Dark Side of Blue, 005 Pink & Purple Rain. I have three of the shades to show you and I am pretty excited about them.

From left to right, Kissed By A Rose Gold, Queens of the Bronzed Age, and Dark Side of Blue. I. Love. These! The eyeshadow side is LIKE BUTTAH, so smooth and so comfortable to apply. The eyeliners are also very smooth and easy to apply, even though the blue eyeliner was slightly less creamy to apply because it is a matte.

Lastly, I have 4 shades from the NYC New York Color Get It All Lip Color. These retail for $2.99 and are available in 10 shades: ImpREDssive, WondeREDful, IncREDible, FUCHSIAtastic, FabFuchsia, Pinkdigious, ExeptioNUDE, MOCHAmazing, ExtraordiBERRY, TerrifiCORAL.

The shades I have MOCHAmazing, FabFUCHSIA, WondeREDful, ExtraordiBERRY. You get hand swatched and lip swatches, AREN'T YOU SO EXCITED?!





The lipsticks were very comfortable and quite pigmented. This was two swipes for each lip swatch. I think FabFUCHSIA and WondeREDful were my favorite!

I LOVE AFFORDABLE makeup! It's my favorite thing! Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

Talk to you soon!