Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday: Fandom

Hey guys!

Nothing To Disclose

Today's Twinsie Tuesday prompt is Fandom! I was kind of excited about this because I love fandom in general and when I think of fandom, I think super heroes. I love super heroes. Really, who doesn't love super heroes?? And if you are that person that doesn't... well, I just feel bad for you, lol!

So for this fandom post, I thought it was the perfect time to bring out my Fangirl Polishes that are based on the CW channel Arrow and Flash tv shows! This was the holiday trio that she released right around the time the CW showed the Flash and Arrow crossover episodes (which are also my favorite. Crossover episodes of any kind are my favorite!). I literally watched each episode 4 times the week they premiered.

I used two coats of Arrow on all my nails. Actually, it was three but that was because I did the base coat one night and touched it up the next night when I did the vinyls and glitter.

Then I used some lightning bolt vinyls that I won from Saira's giveaway a few months back. I'm not sure where the vinyls are from, sorry! And then applied two coats of Flash and promptly removed the nail vinyl.

I added two coats of Robin Laid An Egg which is a red, green, and gold glitter on the index and ring fingers. This polish is sold out and was LE, so it won't be back. Whoops.

To finish, I topped it off with my favorite HK Girl Top Coat. Anddddd I really love this. I showed my husband and he was like "cool". To which I replied "IT REPRESENTS THE CROSSOVER EPISODES!!" And then he told me I was a nerd. Whatever :-p I was clearly much more excited about this that he was, lol!!!

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Talk to you soon!