Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Twinsie Tuesday: Pond Manicure

Hey guys!

Nothing To Disclose

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and New Year! We are dealing with a lot of stuff right now; if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you will know that I asked for prayers for my family as my future SIL was in a severe car accident. There is still a lot going on with that but I can't do anything but wait and pray so I am trying to keep myself busy with nail polish. If you have been praying for her, we greatly appreciate it and please keep it up!

But now, onto the reason you are here...nails! And guess what?? I'm a Twinsie Tuesday Girl now! I'm so excited and nervous, lol! You guys know nail art is not my forte but I am hoping that this will help to develop any skill I might have in the nail art arena :-)

For this weeks prompt, the theme was Pond Manicure. I'll be really honest.... I had no idea what that meant. A quick google search indicated that it's basically a jelly sandwich but with some sort of nail art, rather than just glitter.

I decided to use one of my most favorite jellies evah, China Glaze Rainstorm and a gorgeous dark navy blue from the All Aboard collection, One Track Mind and some nail vinyls. Are nail vinyls cheating?? Oops! LOL

I used one coat of Rainstorm, let it dry and then used my starburst vinyls from GlitterDaze. Then I applied one coat of One Track Mind and holy moly was this super opaque. Then I let that dry and applied one and maybe two coats of Rainstorm. You can see on my index finger that I was a little heavy handed with the Rainstorm!

With Flash:

This was pretty fun! I liked the starburst and while it's not a groundbreaking design, I'M A NEWBIE, GUYS!

Have you ever done a pond manicure? What were your thoughts? Don't forget to check out the other Twinsie Tuesday girls and see what they came up with for a Pond Manicure!

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Talk to you soon!