Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lac Attack Candy Hearts Collection

Hey guys! Happy Weekend! I hope you have fun plans, even if they include hanging out at home! That's relaxing :-)

Today I have Ana from Lac Attack's Candy Hearts Valentine's Day collection! This collection Limited Edition collection consists of 3 mini polishes. Let's get to it!

First up, Kiss Me, a pink and white shredded matte glitter in a clear base. I layered 1 coat of this over China Glaze Urban Nights. This had very good consistency, I dabbed a little bit of the shreds around but otherwise very easy to apply!

Next is Small Talk, a milky mint green base with coral and pink hex glitters. I layered one coat of this over China Glaze Holly Jolly, a dark green.

Finally, U R 2 Cute, a blue, purple, and pink micro holographic glitter with holographic hearts. I layered one coat over Bettina Flip Flops. The hearts were very easy to come out of the bottle, almost no fishing required! And look at how pretty and holographic they are!! 

This collection can be purchased as a set or the individual mini's at Lac Attack's store.

Talk to you soon!