Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Haul

Hey guys!

Since I am apparently not going to get guest posts from anyone (hint hint, lol), I figured I'd use today's post to show you a quick beauty product haul from my local Target. Oh Target. You genius consumer trap, you. I love ya! 

We'll go clockwise from the top left:

Maybelline MEGA PLUSH Mascara in Very Black (twin back): on clearance for $6.98. Not too bad for two mascara's. I've not tried this version yet so hopefully it's awesome.

Yes To Grapefruit Face Brightening Facial Towelettes: I'm always looking for the perfect facial towelette so hopefully these will work well. I believe these were $5.99

Maybelline Color Whisper in Cherry On Top: With as much lipgloss/lipstick as I purchase, you would think I wear it 24/7. Nope. I rarely wear it. I want to but I just forget. Plus, I am super picky about consistency and taste. If it tastes like lipstick, I'm not wearing it! I *think* this was $6.99?

Goody Hair Clips: I'm growing my bangs out and in the meantime, they are driving me insane so hopefully these little guys will prevent me from wanting to rip my bangs out of my head, lol. $3.99?

Herbal Essences Shine Collection Brilliance: AAAHHH!! This was my JAM back in the day and I am so super pumped they brought it back. I hope it stays forever, so I don't have to stock up and hoard it like a crazy person. $4.09 (?? I don't know, I was so excited, I just kind of grabbed it)

Suave Moroccan Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner: I've never tried Moroccan oil but I've heard fantastic things and these products were about $2.99 each after $1 coupon so what the heck?

Would you guys like to see reviews of any of these products? If so, let me know in the comments!

Talk to you soon!