Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Twinsie Tuesday: Your Favorite Color

Hey guys!

Nothing To Disclose

My favorite color... well if you aren't new to the blog, you might guess that blue is my favorite color. Cobalt blue, specifically. Since I have so many blues that I love, all three posts this week will feature SEVVEERRRALLLLLL of my favorite cobalt blue polishes.... so be prepared, lol. And by several... I mean 27 🙊. Oh boy.

Let's start with the OG of OG's and the polish that started this whole crazy cobalt blue madness: Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. If you are in the polish world, you know this polish and the madness surrounding the reformulation of this polish and how it created basically nail polish CHAOS! LOL. I am lucky enough to have several bottles of the original formula Pacific Blue and I'm so glad because as I was applying this, I was quickly reminded of how truly beautiful this color is. It looks less impressive in the bottle but on the nail, it's vibrant and stunning. The formula on this is beautiful and perfect and completely opaque in two coats. It dries fairly shiny but I always add topcoat.

Since I love this color so much, and because this is no longer exists, obviously I had to find any and all colors that were similar or might be close to PB and buy them all. All of them. Buy all of the cobalt blue.

For all of these pictures, PACIFIC BLUE will be on my middle and ring fingers and the polish that I am comparing will be on my index and pinky! And all polishes will be shown with topcoat.

You would think that Sally Hansen would have the closest dupe to Pacific Blue since.. ya know... it's their color and all. Boho Blue appears to be very close but the formula is completely different, as it is a jelly and you can see at three coats, it's not completely opaque. Still beautiful and probably will pass the "are you close enough to satiate my need for PB?" test but not exact.

Next is another from Sally Hansen, from the Insta-Dri line. This is called In Prompt Blue. The formula on this was really nice, 2 coats. But as you can see, still no dice. Too dark. Beautiful, but no PB.

Next, we have a contender from Essie, Butler Please. For an Essie, which I usually have pretty bad luck with, this has a great formula. Two coats are shown here. And again, it's a beautiful color but not a dupe for PB. Although now that I'm doing these comparisons, I should compare Butler Please to some of the other colors that I have, lol!

Next up is Nails Inc Baker Street. Next to Pacific Blue, this is my favorite of the cobalt blue polishes that I own. Perfect in two coats. I have several bottles of this, as well 🙊

Finally (for this post), Essie's Mesmerized, which is not even close to Pacific Blue but just a lovely blue polish. Another nice formula from Essie, opaque in two coats.

Oh just you wait. I have plenty more where this came from. (My instagram feed is going to be so bluetiful hahahahaha! Oh man, I crack me up.)

What's your favorite color??
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